Jupiter kite invasion


Jupiter kite invasion

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any wind for freestyle at the 2013 Jupiter kite invasion. It’s part of the sports, sometimes your lucky and sometimes your not. But still got the chance to meets lots of cool people and we got a pretty sick night kiting session out of it. Hopefully next time will be better.


2012 Season


So this is basically it for kiteboarding on the Island this season. Only a few session left before the ice. This season turned out pretty sick! I did my first 3 local kiteboarding events and it turned out pretty good. Stoked! Here is my latest summer video. Lots of new tricks so check it out and enjoy!
Big Thanks to http://www.darksidekites.ca/ and http://slingshotsports.com/ for all the support the past summer.

Little Update!

So the last month has been pretty busy for me. Two weeks ago, my brother Matt and I wen’t to Shippagan for our first kite event. We were pretty stoked with the results and the event. I got 1st in Freestyle and 3rd in racing. Overall great week end. Last week I headed down to the Maggies for another kite comp. It was the Rendez-Vous Aventure which is a pretty big event now. In Freestyle there were 11 riders and I placed 3rd! Stoked to have made it on the poduim. During my stay at the Madeleines I got the chance to meet with Sam Medysky. Learn lots of new things and Matt and I made a new Island Windchasers Video featuring Sam Medysky.

Check it out!



So far we didn’t have much of a winter. Lots of cold weather but no snow! This weekend we went a couple of times kiting on the ice. Wipe out are pretty hard on the ice. For now since there is not much snow I have been training a lot. Here is a Photo that my mom took of me yesterday doing some bar training.


December Kiting!

I woke up this morning, I checked out the forecast for the week. Wind looked awesome for today but the rest of the week look very cold. So I knew it was going to be one of my last session for this year. We decided to got out in front of our cottage for afternoon session. Wind was a bit light on my 12 at the beginning but pickup later on. I was full power on my 12, I managed to do a few handle passes in! Pretty hard to do in this cold weather and huge gloves. Overall had a sick session for December.